Understanding Your Teen’s Mental Health

Tune in to Dr Vincent Wong, Ms Loh Sit Fong and Mrs Tan Ah Eng to understand what mental health looks like for your teens and how to provide the guidance and support they need

00:00:10Welcome and introduction of speakers by host, Dorothy Tan
00:02:06QUESTION 1:
What is considered normal psychological and social development of a healthy teenager?
00:06:04QUESTION 2:
How do we identify the differences between regular teenage ups and downs vs significant mental health issues? What are the early signs that parents need to look out for?
00:11:27QUESTION 3:
There are parents that continue to maintain a close relationship with their teenage children. Yet, those teens may still experience mental health issues. How do we make sense of that?
00:17:34QUESTION 4:
Dr Vincent, when we first approached you with the idea to address the issue of mental health among teens, your recommendation was to look at depression and anxiety for a start. What made you say that?
00:23:46QUESTION 5:
How can parents journey with their teen?
00:29:21QUESTION 6:
When should parents consider bringing their teen to seek professional help?
00:32:26QUESTION 7:
Which mental health professional should parents seek help from?
00:41:10QUESTION 8:
What preventive measures can parents take to build resilience in their children?
00:48:15Q&A Session
01:13:02Closing Announcements by Dorothy Tan
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