Why Not You?

Hear from 3 parents who work with youth as they address 5 common thoughts parents may have on talking with children about sexuality and relationships.

Time Programme
00:00:31 Welcome and Introduction
00:05:09 Ice Breaker Questions
00:07:08 Introduction of panel speakers
00:08:20 Have you started talking about sex with your girls? If yes, when did you start?
00:12:16 How do you balance protecting your girl’s innocence yet teach them to be savvy enough to not follow the crowd or be abused?
00:18:05 How did you learn the ropes about addressing about sex and relationships with your children? Are there some tips and tricks that you learnt over the years which you can share with your audience today?
00:22:11 What do I do if I made mistakes in the area of sex and dating? How can I give advice to my own kid when I messed up so badly?
00:27:27 How would you encourage parents who would like to start now?
00:36:05 How would you approach sex education with your older children?
00:40:12 We’ve given our panel speakers a preview to the resource. As parents yourselves, what are your thoughts on this resource?
00:22:11 Live Q&A session
  • We have a 12 year old boy and a 10 year old girl. Should mummy talk to the girl and daddy talk to the boy? Or is it beneficial for both parents to talk to both our kids?
  • I am a single mom, can I talk about sex with my son? How do I do that?
  • What are the ‘must address’ issues with a 3 year old young child?
  • My 5 year old son likes to touch his private part sometimes. He said it feels nice. How should I tell him it’s not right?
  • What if my daughter aged 14 comes up to me and said that she has messed up. How should I respond? What should I not do or say?
  • How do I respond to my 12 year old child talking about her friend liking this and that boy? Should we play along and be involved in the conversation as a friend?
  • My daughter aged 14, knows I don’t approve her being involved in a relationship with a boy. However she continues to have relationship and often change boyfriend. Her rebellious age is quite worrying.
  • We have young daughters. My question is about genital area. What do you think about washing their private parts by daddy? Until what age would you recommend not to touch them or help them?
01:09:05 Final announcements
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Hear from 3 parents who work with youth as they address 5 common thoughts parents may have on talking with children about sexuality and relationships.

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