Jay Payleitner

52 Ways To Connect As A Couple


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Popular author and speaker Jay Payleitner shows that becoming one includes more than just staying married. It’s not just about compromise. And it’s not just about sacrifice and mutual submission. And it’s not just about sex. It’s about unity. Solidarity. Integrity.

But how do you nurture oneness in the real world?

In these 52 short readings, you’ll find fun, creative ways you and your spouse can embrace a common purpose and shared dreams. Jay addresses head-on some of the obstacles to oneness and suggests out-of-the-box solutions for overcoming them.

Share dreams.
Never compromise.
Hit bottom together.
Pay off the credit cards.
Kiss in the kitchen.
Laugh together. Cry together.
Serve. Be served.
Sometimes spiritual, sometimes silly, but always practical, winsome, and wise, these ideas for drawing closer to each other and enjoying your unique connection will inspire and equip you to make your marriage better than ever.

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