Glenn T. Stanton

My Crazy Imperfect Christian Family

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Love the ones you’re with. Let’s face it: home is probably the toughest place to live out our faith. It’s so easy to hurt the ones we love. Or to just put our lives on autopilot after a hard day’s work. And as much as we want to be good parents, spouses, and children, families inevitably let each other down. But God uses family in huge ways-the good, the bad, the ugly, even the really ugly parts-to bring about His work in our lives. As Glenn Stanton shows us, every time we change diapers, read Blueberries for Sal , paint the kitchen, or reach out to a drug-addicted daughter, it can be an opportunity to be like Christ. Being a Christian in your family isn’t about being perfect–it’s about being open to how God wants to change you. Through God’s help, allow yourself to be real where it counts: in all those crazy or boring, broken or seamless moments of family life. It’s here that God does some of His greatest work!

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