Q&A: Leading my family better than my business


I’ve built a pretty successful career in the corporate world, but I’ve recently recognised that I don’t interact with my wife and children nearly as well as I do with my employees. I want to lead my family even better than I do my business, yet I feel stuck. Do you have any advice for taking what I do best and applying that at home?

Answer: We applaud your motivation, and we think we can draw a parallel for you. When our organization’s board of directors meets, we take conversations about our budget, accomplishments, and future endeavours very seriously. To make good choices about where we want to go, we have to have an accurate picture of where we’ve been, and where we currently stand.

As parents, it’s helpful to think of ourselves as CEOs of our own family business and to chart a course through life with the same diligence. This applies to practical decisions we face each day – we have to pay bills, keep petrol in the car, buy groceries, and get the laundry done. But we also need to be attentive to the larger strategic elements of our family, like the spiritual, emotional, and relational aspects of life.

As a starting place, a husband and wife ought to have honest conversations with each other about the strengths and weaknesses of their marriage. If your children are old enough, we recommend you have regular household meetings as well. It’s important for each family member to have an opportunity to discuss everything from chores and homework and curfews to how well relationships within the family are doing. This allows your children to feel included in matters that impact them, and it teaches them to resolve conflict in a healthy manner. You’re still “the boss,” but you’re involving them in the decision-making process.

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