Putting Back The Zing Into Our Marriage

“… we need to encourage our spouse, accept his or her weaknesses, and complement each other’s strengths.”

My husband and I have been married since 2005 and we have been blessed with a great relationship. I stumbled upon Focus on the Family Malaysia’s (FOFM) Date Night event one day while looking online for tips on family relationships. I decided to attend the event because we had had a challenging year with our family and work, and needed a breakthrough. On top of that, it had been a long time since we both had a date with just the two of us.

Throughout the night of the event, we bonded over icebreakers and various activities that forced us out of our comfort zone and everyday routine. For us, one of the highlights of the night was the time of sharing by various couples as we could relate with many of their experiences of building a family, raising children and bonding as husband and wife. It was also motivating to see and hear from “successful” couples and know that we too could be role models for others. When we attended Date Night, we had been married 10 years and the event definitely injected some spice back into our marriage.

Since attending the Date Night, I have purposefully made a point to exercise patience in my marriage. I try to consciously remind myself to be patient and accept things as they go, managing issues along the way. As a result, over time, my husband and I notice that we gel better with each other and are able to manage our family matters with more maturity and wisdom.

I have personally learnt a lot from FOFM over the years, and took home many constructive and positive messages from their Family With A Mission Camp last year. I would like to encourage couples who may be struggling in their marriage to be patient and have hope. Marriage is filled with challenges, but I believe that for a marriage to be strong and healthy, we need to encourage our spouse, accept his or her weaknesses, and complement each other’s strengths.

— Revathi

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